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Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation offers:

with GPS coordinates
(latest edition)

in languages: Polish-English-German-French
The map contains the current road network in Poland
 - for 1 map        12,00 € [Euro]
[map 7,oo € + Porto 5,oo €]

 - for 2 maps      17,00 € [Euro]
[2 maps x 6,oo € + Porto 5,oo €]

 - for 3 maps      22,00 € [Euro]
[3 maps x 5,5o € + Porto 5,5o €]

 - for 4 maps      26,00 € [Euro]
[4 maps x 5,oo € + Porto 6,oo €]

 - for 5 maps      29,00 € [Euro]
[5 maps x 4,5o € + Porto 6,5o €]
The price depends on the number of purchased maps.
The map will be sent to you in 14 days after receiving the payment.
Please give your precise address.
The payment should be sent:
by post to the address:
Polska Federacja Campingu i Caravaningu
ul. Puławska 102 lok. 2
02-620 Warszawa, Poland

or into the bank account:
No. 42 1020 1156 0000 7102 0058 9168
PL42 1020 1156 0000 7102 0058 9168
We accept cheques.

Polish campsites

Polish Camping and Caravaning Federation presents campsites in Poland. The campsites are located in the most attractive areas of the country on the seacoast, amidst lakes, along rivers, at the foot of the mountains, in cities, in regions and near the main roads.
All campsites are fenced, provided with security, insured, and adapted for use by the disabled.
Their standard of furnishings is very high, comparable with the standard available at the best campsites in Europe. These campsites offer a high standard of services and also guaranty pleasant and peaceful relaxation in contact with Poland's beautiful nature.
Polish campsites are divided into four categories marked by stars (* - the lowest category, **** - the highest category). The category of camping site depends on its standard of facilities as well as on its service quality. Those campsites which have not been rated according to the new system are still using the old one (marked with numbers 1 or 2).

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  Polska Federacja Campingu i Caravaningu,
02-620 Warszawa ul. Puławska 102 lok. 2, tel./fax 22 810 60 50

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